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1865 Still-Kirksey and 1872 Rynder Log Cabins

Across the back yard fence from the Wolff General Store and Main Coulter House sits two log cabins. The 1874 Still-Kirksey and the 1872 Rynder Log Cabins. Each is fully self-contained with kitchen and baths. The Still-Kirksey log house was built in Clark County, Arkansas circa 1874. Green Still came to Clark County, Arkansas in that year and homesteaded a small tract of land near the community of Fendley, Arkansas. He built a one room log cabin with a loft, mud fireplace and a fruit cellar. The house sat in a wooded area near a creek, similar to its setting in Washington on Town Creek. As the family grew, so did the communities near the house. Several new sawmills in the area allowed for additions to the house in the late nineteenth century, when the entire structure was wrapped in "board and batten" siding. The house never had indoor plumbing. Today, both cabins are restored and can be rented to anyone visiting the park, travelers through the area, and wedding parties.

Call Bradley today to make a reservation and experience the past with the amenities of the present.

Cooulter Farmstead Log Cabins
The Rynder and Still-Kirksey Log Cabins


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